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Visit A Paediatrist (Child Oral Health Specialist) Before It’s Too Late
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Getting your child familiar to the dentist from the young age of three can help make going to the dentist a less stressful experience later in life. This will not only keep your child healthy but also encourage them to maintain good oral hygiene for lifelong. Taking your child to the dentist seems like a mammoth task, but there are few things you can do to make this dental visit with your child easier.

Visit a paediatric dentist

Although a general dentist is fully equipped to give dental care to people of all ages, but a paediatrist specialises in dealing with children oral healthcare. A paediatrist handles children better and try to make sure that they leave a positive impression of comfortable dental care in a child’s mind.

Be vigilant with children’s oral health

It is essential to visit a paediatrist regularly to ensure your child’s good oral health. However, it is advised that even parents monitor their child’s teeth and try to inculcate good oral habits in their children. Because ‘Prevention is the best cure.

Assist them and make sure they brush twice a day

It has been observed that most children don’t develop the dexterity needed to properly brush their own teeth, so parents’ role here increases a lot. Make sure that you help your child brush properly and follow the daily oral health regime without failing.

Create positive mindset towards dental health

Keep your child excited about brushing their teeth by preparing a reward chart for them. Track down their progress and give them a reward accordingly. Let your child choose their favourite toothbrush, for e.g. something with their favourite cartoon character or colour on it, to make brushing daily more engaging.

Make it fun

Unfortunately, most people find brushing teeth humdrum. So, make sure that you make brushing teeth fun by playing some sort of appealing music or showing some related YouTube videos while they do it. The whole motive behind this is to distract children and hopefully bring some fun to this monotonous activity of brushing teeth.

Get the family involved

When children see the rest of the family brushing their teeth, it is likely that they start following it. Children love doing what they see their elders doing and often join them in the activity as a part of their nature. And, of course, once the habit of brushing is established, you can move to teach them about flossing their teeth and using mouthwash.

Ratra Dental Centre is fully equipped with most sophisticated instruments & techniques to take care of your young one's dental health. Some dental problems are best treated early before it causes ill effects on the growth & development of the child. Our vast range of dental treatment options like dental sealants, child counselling, dental programmes for right brushing & oral hygiene, dental fillings, pulpotomy, root canal treatment, space maintainers, habits breaking appliances, arch expanders, pendulum appliances, fluoride applications, anti-cavity dental rinse for children prone to cavities, vast range of removable & fixed orthodontic appliance, braces, plates helps the growth of the kids in right direction. If parents see the permanent teeth of the child are not in line, harmony or crowded, kindly don't wait till 12 years, consult now before it’s too late.