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Is length of brushing better than vigorous tooth brushing?
Is length of brushing better than vigorous

Are we getting the work done right? A simple task of tooth brushing is more detailed than we realize. The length of brushing, vigorousness and pressure plays a very important role and it needs to be in sync with each other well.

It is very crucial to educate the people, what sorts of techniques are right and how it is to be done. The common myths are to be broken because maximum people still believe that the harder one brushes, the better job they are doing.

People believe that vigorous brushing is an effective way of getting rid of plaque from the teeth, but the reality is quite different from it.

Brushing too hard and too fast is not safe as it aggravates the problem more and irritates the gums and teeth, causing oral bleeding.

About the length of brushing:

It is recommended by many dentists to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, once in the morning and once in the night respectively. Brushing longer has its own advantages as it covers most of the surface area and doesn’t hamper with the health of the gums.

Which is important vigorous or length brushing?

While brushing both techniques are important to ensure proper brushing, but softly brushing for 2-3 minutes is safer any day, than aggressive brushing for 30 seconds. The cause is that brushing aggressively for 30 seconds tends to make the teeth more prone to oral damages as well as results in higher chances of cavities to develop.

How should one brush?

It is essential to brush for 2-3 minutes firmly so that it covers the whole area and ensures fewer germs build up. Gritty teeth after brushing should tell you that you didn’t brush hard or long enough. If your tooth brush is bent in couple of months, this means that one is brushing very vigorously and putting in too much of pressure. If it is difficult to understand how much pressure needs to put in brushing, one can purchase an electric tooth brush. The electric tooth brush has the right amount of firmness and pressure balance.