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Public Health Awareness Campaign For Children

  • Do you feel the new permanent teeth of your child are coming in line or not?

  • n you see some irrgular teeth or teeth coming bhind the teeth or some teeth out of arch?

  • Does your child have some black spots/ decolouration on the teeth? ( it can be cavities )

  • Do you feel teeth are moving outside or are getting proclined?

  • Does your child have any habit like thumb or finger sucking, lip or nail biting, tongue thrusting?

  • Do you feel child is brushing daily but still you can see some deposits & yellowness or teeth?

  • Do you feel the child is having some bad breath / smell / red swollen gums?

  • Have you visited a dentist & he has told you to come after 12 years?

Plz Don’t wait, It can be too late by that time

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, Then plz do