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Ratra Multispecialty & Cosmetic Dental Center (RMCDC)


Ratra Multispecialty & Cosmetic Dental Center (RMCDC), the premier dental solution provider in Delhi NCR.


The center works according to the principle.

  • The best Specialists
  • The Latest Equipment
  • Exclusive Technologies and materials

We are a pioneer in painless dental treatment with our center having facilities for world class treatments using latest equipments and breakthrough technology. We have complete solutions to all your dental check up requirements and offer the best services in Delhi NCR.


Best Dentist in Noida


Our strict sterilization methods have transformed the ordeal of a normal dental surgery procedure into a joy ride with no pain at all. The experience you get at our centers in Delhi and Noida is exclusive to us as we have imbibed fully the latest technology in dentistry. Our range of services include orthodontic treatment with or without braces, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, invisible braces, digital x rays, Orthodontic Treatment Without Braces, esthetic improvement, dentures, implants, smile makeovers, caps/crowns bridges, gums treatment, oral rehabilitations and more.


The patients we have treated so far are testimonials to our excellence in the field. Our pioneering efforts and the resultant success have prompted us to take a lead in educating the budding dentists as well. Our dental course covers exhaustively the principles of dentistry while giving ample space to latest breakthrough technology. We have specialized courses of 2-4 months duration on Conservative & Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Periodontics.


What our patients have to say about us:

It Couldn't get Better.
Painless drilling and fillings! Painless Root Canel!
Thank You Ratra for Your Magic
Doe Nair
I can't believe that the nagging tooth ache which had been troubling me for days just vanished after I got treated by Dr. Ratra. He is a truly wonderful dentist with a pleasing personality and a healing touch.
Manjeet Parihar
The experience at Dr. Ratra's Dental Solutions was refreshing and professional. I am happy that there are doctors who still believe in honest and correct advice and treatment.
Anubhav Saroha
I would recommend Dr. Ratra to my family and friends. The dentist was patient with my child and was able to extract her tooth before she even realised it.
Mahesh Thakur
Dr. Ratra is great with elderly Patients. She has a woderful ability to understand the problems and deal with them empathetically.
Sugandha Sharma
I had lost all hopes of overcoming my dental problems till I met Dr. Ratra.
Anchal Malik

I would recomend Dr. Ratra's Dental Solutions for your family's dental care and advice.
Santosh Mital

Find your root from Dr. Ratra's office
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Ratra's Multispeciality & Cosmetic Dental Centre
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